About Us

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Our Story

Founded in 2017, Interior Architects offers interior design services for residential and commercial buildings. Our firm consolidated its presence in Lahore in 2018 and became the market leader. Interior Architects are our passion, and we’re devoted to all things design.

We’re currently offering diversified interior design services and have a strong focus on upskilling our professionals. The fact that we are different helps us to be well-versed and to tell the story of each client. But we also have things in common: we like the colors and the simplicity of things. We like to listen and understand the client and to “translate” him in the arranged space. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to create spaces tailored to the client’s personality and to offer creative and ingenious solutions for people who want to live simply and beautifully. We believe that arranging a space is a good time for change and evolution, both personally and at the family level. Our goal is to guide people through this journey to change. We encourage our clients to focus on the essentials, to create space in their lives.